I want this web site to be more than just a personal site that is just focused on the jobs I did and the things I have accomplished in my career. I hope that I can use this web site to pass on some of the knowledge that I have acquired my work life and life in general.

Most of my career has been spent in retail environments. I've been a Sales Associate, Assistant Manager, Department Manager, Store Manager and if you want to know more about my career the About and Resume links will take you to pages to give you more details.

I love to learn about different things and I love to pass on the knowledge I have acquired. I believe that it one of the reasons I was a successful manager.

Below I have written some articles that combine information that I have read and things I have observed over my career. I hope that these articles can help others.

This web site will always be in my mind a work in progress. Let's see where the journey takes us.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day.

Resume Formats

Chronological Resume Functional Resume There are two prominent types of resumes that are used by job seekers. They are the Chronological Resume and the Functional Resume.

Words to Remove From Your Resume

Words to Remove from Your Resume Common and overused words that need to be removed from your resume.

Resume Mistakes

It is the first point of contact a potential employer will have with you. Mistakes on your resume can derail your job search.

Resume Mistakes

Resume vs CV

What is the difference between a Resume and CV.

Resume vs. CV

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