Who is Dave Seddon ?

Thank you for visiting my website. I have built this site not only to highlight my career or achievements but also to help people by writing some articles.


Most of my career has been in Management with postions of Assistant Manager, Administrative Manager, Store Manager and Inventory Coordinator.

I have worked primarily in retail with experience in various areas including footwear, fashion, food and cellular.

My skill set includes sales, customer service, logistics, hiring, training, scheduling, inventory control and loss prevention.

Career Highlights and Things I've Achieved

  • Received "Going the Extra Mile Award" - Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Received Employee of the Month Award for July 2013 - Sears Canada
  • Managed two seperate stores at the same time with two different companies ( Agnew Group and Connect Cellular)
  • Developed Merchandise Transfer System with Brettons.
  • Created staff training manuals while at Willson Stationers, Brettons and Agnew Group.
  • Recovered $5000 at Brettons and over $3000 at Agnew Group from internal theft.

My Beliefs

  • Leadership is something I provide no matter what my job title is.
  • How you do your job has a big impact not only on customers but your fellow workers.
  • Communicate and share the knowledge that you have. It makes everyone stronger.
  • Always try help out whenever you can.

Keys to Success

Communication. When it comes to a work environment for me it's about informing my co-workers / staff about everything that will make them better at their jobs. Knowledge is a great way to empower those around you.

Listening. Many problems can be solved and great ideas can be brought forth if you listen to what those around you are saying. I find listening to others opinions or ideas is a great catalyst for me to be able to create things or solve problems. Listening gets you thinking.

Communication and listening are two important factors with regards to team building.


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