Types of Resumes - Chronological Resume or Functional Resume

There are two major resume types that people use for their job search, Chronological or Functional. Here is a look at both types.

Chronological Resume

The chronological resume is probably the most commonly used resume format. This type of resume usually contains a summary statement and then a chronological listing of your employers and accomplishments. The listing of employers will start from the most current employer then list past employers.

Also, included in this resume format would be educational experience, as well as any certifications or special skills that you may have.

This resume format is useful for someone who has work experience.

Functional Resume

A functional resume will emphasize your abilities rather than your work history. Abilities such as hiring, coaching or developing processes are the key items to focus on with this resume format. Your work history will be towards the end of the resume.

When to Use a Functional Resume

A functional resume is useful for people who;

  • Are reentering the workforce
  • Have employment gaps
  • Are looking to move into a new career
  • Have gaps in their work history

The reason a functional resume works for these situations is that the person may not have worked in the type of job they are applying for but may have skills that are transferable to that job. For example, a retail manager may have been responsible for hiring and training. These skills could come in handy if applying for an Human Resources position and it would be better to put the emphasis on these skills by providing a recruiter with a functional resume.